Health & Safety

The health and safety of all Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) students, staff and families is the top priority when making the decision to physically reopen school buildings.

MPS will consider CDC recommendations and follow guidance from the Milwaukee Health Department and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction on how to get students physically back in the classroom. School will reopen in a phased-in approach. As we start the school year virtually, the district continues to plan for phase 2 and 3 and put critical health and safety practices in place.

In an effort to minimize the effects of COVID-19, MPS will implement advanced cleaning and disinfecting protocols. Visit our Health & Safety Video webpage and check out the topics below to learn more.

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Download the Reopening School Safely Presentation

Building Engineer Staff

  • Additional building engineer staff are dedicated to sanitizing high-touch surfaces including door handles, desks, chairs, handrails, drinking fountains, restroom surfaces, sink handles and more, as well as cleaning and restocking restrooms during the school and work day.
  • All building engineer staff are trained on appropriate sanitation protocol. 
  • Upon hire, all staff are given four days of basic cleaning training  that includes how to properly disinfect high-touch areas. 
  • Each year, engineers also participate in a training webinar to review basics and expectations. 
  • All building engineer staff will continue to receive training on any new disinfecting and sanitizing procedures.

Sanitation Stations

  • Sanitation stations are located throughout school buildings. Although building engineer staff will be cleaning and disinfecting school and district buildings appropriately, staff that wish to disinfect high-touch surfaces, will have access to the supplies to do so. Stations are filled prior to the start of the day and re-filled as needed. 
  • Stations include labeled spray bottles, towels, a trash can, a sign out sheet, and a reminder sheet that all staff should wash their hands after returning items to the station.
  • Sanitation stations are designed for desks and tables, chairs, keyboards, in room sinks, light switches, and door knobs. Staff using the Sanitation Stations will be asked to contact the engineer, if supplies are running low.


  • Building engineer staff will ensure that buildings have sufficient amounts of hand sanitizer, soap, tissues, paper towels, masks and cleaning supplies.
  • Ordered supply quantities are based on the size and student count per building.
  • Building engineer staff will work with school principals and bookkeepers to order 2-3 months of supplies to start the year off, then adjust as needed.  

Health and Safety Practices and Protocols

  • Health and safety practices and protocols are being put forth to ensure that we are keeping staff and students safe. 
  • MPS expects that all staff, students and onsite visitors will practice healthy habits as recommended by the CDC and City Milwaukee Health Department. These healthy habits include:
    • Washing your hands often
    • Practicing social distancing and remaining six feet apart
    • Wearing a mask that covers your mouth and nose 
    • Cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces
    • And staying home if you’re sick
  • Appropriate signage will be placed throughout all school and district buildings. 
  • Signage will include traffic patterns and how to navigate through school and district buildings, healthy practices and protocols, bathroom and common space occupancy counts and more.

MPS will continue to share updates and resources as they become available. MPS will be here for our students, staff and MPS families every step of the way.