What Will Virtual Learning (Phase One) Look Like?

As MPS begins Phase 1 of coming back to school, all school work will be done online and will consist of the following types of learning:

  • synchronous (occurring at the same time daily with their classroom teacher).
  • asynchronous (occurring at different times) and independent learning.

Each school will also provide its own in-depth virtual learning academic plan.

To learn more about synchronous and asynchronous learning, visit the Academics section on the FAQ webpage.

School Commitments

Teachers, school leaders, and staff will assist students and families in continuous learning. Please reach out to your child’s teacher or school leader by email at any time. Every student should expect a check-in from teachers through email and the online learning platform. This is a chance to receive support and ask questions.

During virtual learning, families can expect that schools and teachers will:

  • Make sure each student has a laptop or other device.
  • Provide a daily mix of online classes and self-paced learning activities.
  • Give students regular feedback on their work.
  • Have office hours each week so students who need extra help from their teachers can get it.
  • Be accessible by email.
  • Cover all of the scheduled content for the year in each course.
  • Provide social-emotional learning support to all students.
  • Meet the needs of diverse learners and ensure we provide accommodations, modifications, access, and equity for all students.

Virtual Office Hours

Families will receive a message from their child’s school detailing virtual office hours. Teachers, school leaders, and staff will be available for phone calls and/or emails with quick response times during these hours. Schools will provide more information about specific student schedules.

What Families Can Do

To assist with the unique challenges families may feel about virtual learning, MPS shares these tips to help students be success while learning at home:

  • Locate your student’s login and password information. If you need help, contact the school. The student ID number is the same as the student lunch number and can be found on all report cards.
  • Create a daily routine and ensure children have a comfortable and quiet space to learn and study.
  • Monitor school communications daily and maintain communication with your child’s teachers and school counselor.
  • Talk with your children about assignments and progress and ask questions about what they are learning.
  • Make sure they are getting breaks and getting outside when they can.
  • Make sure they’re getting adequate sleep and are well-rested when they start learning each day.
  • Keep computer and device screens within your view as much as possible and make sure your children are actively engaged with learning.
  • Encourage them.
  • Be patient and flexible.

Stay Connected

It is vital that your contact information is up-to-date in our records so you can be sure to receive Back to School information from the district and your school.

The district is now utilizing the SchoolMessenger system to send text messages to the mobile phones of MPS staff and families to keep everyone up-to-date with important information, safety alerts, school closing and more.

MPS staff and families will need to opt-in to continue to receive important district and school messages to their phone. Everyone will need to opt-in by sending a text message to 67587 with “Y”. You can do this step with any mobile phone you would like to receive messages. For questions or assistance, please contact the Department of Communications and Marketing at 414-475-8274 or comm@milwaukee.k12.wi.us

Parent Portal Technical Support

To set up a new parent portal account or receive assistance with an existing account, please visit the Technical Help webpage.